Readers’ pick of the week: How to junk my car

Is there a scratched and damaged vehicle standing on your driveway for months? Well, you can’t deny that trading the clunker to a dealership or selling it privately can’t give you enough cash for junk cars.

Moreover, you can save on it much while taking your next ride. So, what to do? Well, you can go for the greenest choice for your scrap vehicle.

Why is junking a better choice instead of selling?

There’s no gainsaying that cars are one of the serious reason to pollute the environment. So, when you consider getting some extra space on your premises, scrap car removal is the best option. It’s because the recycling process prevents corrosive chemicals of your vehicle from contaminating the soil and water.

In the junkyard, the professionals eliminate all the car parts that can be resold. For example, many other drivers can show interest to buy the mirrors, tires, transmissions, and so on. It’s an innovative way to save on pocket and the environment by decreasing the demand for new parts.

How to choose the right junkyard

Well, it’s true to say junk cars don’t worth much. But, it can make your pocket full to a great extent if taken to the right scrap yard. So, while looking for junk car buyers near you, find the one that offers the following facilities:

A guaranteed estimate

While reaching out to a reputable junkyard over the call, they will give you quotes. Before that, you will be asked to provide detailed information regarding your vehicle. For example:

  • The current condition of your vehicle

  • The make, year, and model

  • Does it run?

  • Is it repairable?

The more details you can provide about your vehicle, the more accurate estimate they will offer you. Hence, you can compare three or more quotes to find the best deal. Moreover, you will never experience any last-minute haggling or negotiation over the estimates in the junkyards.


Make sure to choose a scrapyard that demands towing charges when they buy cars for cash. You never have to pay a tow driver after they pick up your vehicle from your place.

Offers amount for the scrap metal

Anyway, some junk car buyers or junkyards will tell you that your vehicle is too damaged to pay. It means your car doesn’t have any value. And, they will take it free of cost just as ‘favor’.

Don’t be a fool! Your vehicle has a value as scrap. Even that metal on it can give you top dollars whether your car runs or not.

Paying on the same day on hand

Online private car sale is a matter of patience on your part. It takes a week or month to sell or get the payment. That’s why try to take your junk car for sale to a scrapyard that will pay you in person on the same day.

Recycling it to a junkyard is the best way to get rid of it, especially when cars can have negative impacts on the environment. If you want to junk your scrap vehicle, contact us at 267-784-3100 today!

6 Tips to Hire a Junk Car Removal Company in Philadelphia

Looking for adequate space in your premises? If yes, junk car removal can be the best alternative here if you have such a damaged vehicle. Also, it can offer top dollars based on its current conditions. On the other hand, fixing the old vehicle can cost higher than the current value of the car in the used market. But, is it a smart decision to sell your junk car for cash of course! And, selling junk cars online is the quickest alternative now. But, not every junk car removal company is genuine and authorized.

So, how to find the right one? We are here today with some of the simple handy tips to help you out. Have a look at the following passages!

What to look for while hiring a junk car buyer

Plenty of options on the web can make you feel baffled and lead you to wrong decisions. Don’t worry! Here’s a small guide that will help you to find the right junk car removal company. Let’s take a closer look!

Deal with local companies

Let’s start by searching for a reputable junk car buyer in the local area. It will help you not only to collect information about the company and assure of their services from your neighbors and friends but to get a better value.

Ask for the quotes

Make sure to take multiple quotes and ask to provide an overall estimate. It will help you ideate how much you can get by selling your junk car. Then, compare the quotes and find the best deal here.

The final amount should match the estimates 

Even after getting the quotes, check the current value of your car in the used market. The final estimate should not be lower than this amount. Otherwise, you may miss a profitable deal. So, don’t allow any buyer to buy junk cars who negotiates price during payment.

Towing must be free

A reputable junk car removal company always tow your car for free. You need not pay any amount in this regard. So, try to avoid such junk car buying companies who charge to tow the vehicle from your location.

Avoid check payments

When every junk car buyer is not genuine, they can provide you with duplicate checks. So, try to avoid accepting check and ask to pay you online. In this case, you need to make sure that the online payment method is safe and convenient.

No hidden costs

Have you finalized the deal? Well, that’s great! But, have you asked about the hidden costs here? Make sure that the junk car removal company you have considered will not charge after serving you. So, it’s best if you can go through the feedback of previous clients in this regard.

So, no more wait! If you have decided to sell your scrap vehicle, contact us. We are here to help you out. Our team will reach your location and pay top dollars in exchange for the clunker. Also, you can call at 267-784-3100 to get free quotes!

7 Easy Tips to Follow Before Selling Your Junk Car for Cash

Is there any junk car on your premises? But, such continuous repair can be time-consuming and expensive. So, what’s the solution?
The best interset can be for you to sell this scrap vehicle to your nearest junk car removal company. In Philadelphia, most people earn top dollars from the junk car sale.

However, before contacting any buyer for junk car removal in Philadelphia, you need to know a few tips to get a lucrative amount. So how will you do it? Let’s find out!

How to get money for your scrap car

In the online platform, there are a number of junk car removal companies that offer top dollars for the clunker. But, to avoid research, we often end up with a random choice that’s not a good idea indeed.

To get in touch with the best junk car removal companies, you need to follow the tips below. Have a look:

Determine the condition of your junk car

What’s the condition of your car? It’s a vital fact to consider when it’s about selling your junk cars in Philadelphia. Make sure to verify the interior and exterior parts of your vehicle. The scrap car buyers will pay you based on the current condition of the clunker.

Assess the worth of the clunker

Before contacting any junk car removal company, it’s best to have an idea of the current value of the vehicle you are going to sell. Verify the type, year, and model to determine its latest market value. Also, you can demand high for its exterior and interior parts as well as new wheels.

Ask around for recommendations

Have your neighbors recently sold his old car? If yes, they can suggest you the best junk car buyers in the local. It will be easy to make a list of top-rated scrap car removal companies for getting quotes.

Check the details of junk car buyer

Now, verify the background of the junk car removal companies on the list. You need to check:

• Experience
• Previous sellers’ feedback
• The average amount
• The availability of free towing service

Gather specifications of your car

While asking for quotes, most scrap vehicle removal companies want to get the details of your car. So, you need to gather the documents below:

• Car’s model and year
• Damage on the car surface
• Location
• The identification number and many more

Get quotes

If you find any junk car removal company to offer quotes, accept that. Also, you can ask to offer estimates so that you can have a better idea of what you can get. Compare the quotes to sell junk cars at the best deals.

Read the reviews

From the online website, you cannot identify the authenticity of the junk car removal company you are considering. So, it’s best to check the feedback of past clients to get assurance in this regard.

If you are interested to sell your scrap vehicle, contact us. We buy junk cars in Philadelphia in exchange for top dollars. For more details, visit our website!