How Much Cash Can Your Junk Car Give You?

Hey, do you have an old or irreparable clunker in the backyard gathering dust? So, instead of allowing it to cover space, it’s best to keep your junk car for sale.
And, in Philadelphia, we are ready to take your scrap vehicle off your hand and pay top dollars on the same day. However, before you bump into any decision in this regard, know how much your scrap car is worth?

When can you call your car junk?

Well, you cannot categorize all the old cars as junk or scrap. If you have an outdated model but in good condition, a dealer may pay you a better price than us.
Nevertheless, when your vehicle is beyond repair and hope, and the repair costs are hitting your pocket, it’s time to junk your car. Selling the clunker to a junk car buyer is a smarter option rather than wasting thousands of dollars on fixing it.
The overall value of a junk vehicle depends on several factors. These facts may help you identify how much the clunker can give. Let’s find out!

A few vital facts involved in junk car’s value

While selling your scrap vehicle to us, we consider many aspects to reach the final value of it. Take a look at the passages below to have a clear outline in detail:

What’s your location?

Your address plays a vital role in identifying the value of your junk car. The price of scrap metal varies regionally from one place to another. Furthermore, some vehicles are higher in demand in specific locations. Hence, for the latest model, you can expect a better price.

Is your car out of run?

No matter which model and design is your car, many leading junk car buyers in Philadelphia avoid buying if it’s out of the run. Moreover, some can offer a lower amount than you deserve. But, you can get cash for junk cars of any model, make, or condition from us.

Is it the latest model?

With the manufacturing date, a scrap car buyer often asks for the year and model () of your vehicle. If you don’t have the documents, know first how to check the year and model of your car before contacting them. It helps to determine how much you should get for your junk car. So, make sure to collect all the details before getting estimates.

What’s the current condition?

Are the important parts in your vehicle missing? Does your car’s exterior and interior have lots of scratches and damages? Then, it can dramatically reduce the amount. That’s why most junk car removal companies ask to disclose the condition of an old car before offering quotes.

How old is your scrap vehicle?

Every year, many car owners sell junk cars that are at least ten to fifteen years old. But, the accurate manufacturing year can allow you to know how many dollars you can earn from it. Even if you are not sure about the date, we will try to offer you the best possible amount for your vehicle.
Haven’t you still not convinced? And, if the question is still peeping into your mind, “How much cash can I get from scrap car removal?” visit our website. It’s just about a few steps:
Step 1:
Collect all the information about your car in detail to provide us. It should include:

  1. The year, make, and model of the car
  2. The legal documents of your possession
  3. Condition of your vehicle
  4. Your current location

Step 2:
Give us a call at 267-784-3100 and tell us about your junk car. Be sure to provide all the details mentioned above so that we can offer you accurate estimates. You need not worry about any last-minute change or price haggling.
Step 3:
If you agree with the deal, finalize it, and we will be at your location within two to three hours. Also, you can schedule a pick up at your convenience, and we will take it away on the same day.
Step 4:
Finally, it’s time to say good-bye to your old and damaged car. Our team will pay you in person and tow it free of costs.
So, are you ready to get some extra cash in your pocket? Then, feel free to contact us for guaranteed estimates! We are happy to take your car off your hands. Stay connected!